John James calls out Debbie Stabenow,…over Leadership within the Black Family & Community!!!

Republican U.S. Senate candidate – John James calls out his opponent Debbie Stabenow (D) for her lies about his statements to an all male Black Christian group and trying to raise money off of it!!!

Click on the link below to see his press release;

John James attacks Debbie Stabenow – Leadership in the Black Family & Community 9-14-18

ACRP – Minutes for July 16th, 2018 Monthly Meeting

See attached file of the PDF as submitted by Cherie Hogan – ACRP Secretary;

ACRP – Monthly Meeting Minutes 7-16-18

ACRP June Monthly Meeting – Minutes

See attached file of the PDF as submitted by Cherie Hogan – ACRP Secretary;

ACRP Meeting Minutes 6-18-18

2018 ACRP – Michigan Governor Candidates – “Dinner/Debate & Straw Poll” event; Thursday, July 12th, 2018 at Shanty Creek Resort in Bellaire, Michigan

Here is the link to the YouTube videos of the 2018 Republican Governor’s discussion and Straw Poll results which was held Thursday, July 12th, 2018 at Shanty Creek Resort in Bellaire, MI;

Straw Poll results, Governor’s race;

Patrick Colbeck – 81.4%, Brian Calley – 17.5%, Bill Schuette – 1 Vote, and Jim Hines – 0 Votes.

In the U.S. Senate race; John James 76.3%, Sandy Pensler – 23.7%.

You can view the results online at this link;

You can view the discussion with the Governor candidates online at this link;


May’s ACRP Monthly Meeting – Minutes

Click on the link below to open the PDF file;

ACRP Meeting Minutes 5-21-18


ACRP – Monthly Meeting Minutes – April, 2018

Click on the link below to open the PDF file from our ACRP Secretary – Cherie Hogan;

ACRP Meeting Minutes April 30, 2018 (1)


ACRP – March 2018 Monthly Meeting Minutes

From our ACRP – Secretary; Cherie Hogan.  Click on the link below to see the PDF file Cherie submitted;

ACRP Meeting Minutes March 19, 2018


2018 Precinct Delegate Apportionment Report

Dear Antrim County Republicans;

Today, I have completed and filed the below 2018 Precinct Delegate Apportionment Report with the Antrim County Clerk – Sheryl Guy (R) and the Michigan Republican Party.

Please review it and consider volunteering to be a Republican Precinct Delegate, starting this year via the August 7th, 2018 primary election.

Click on the link below to view the apportionment report; (which shows the total number of Precinct Delegates our Republican Party can elect in each Township within Antrim County)

2018 Precinct Delegate Apportionment Report

Please email me at; to inform me of your interest and I will reply back with the form that needs to be notarized and returned to your Township Clerk or Antrim County’s Clerk, before May 8th, 2018 at 4:00 pm.

Or, you can obtain the form by clicking on the link below;
(Please email me and let me know that you will be filing with this form – Email me at;

We are looking forward to filling all of our Precinct Delegate positions this year,…and helping our Republican candidates win in the November 6th, 2018 general election!!!

Randy Bishop – Chairman
Antrim County Republican Party


ACRP – February’s Monthly Meeting – Minutes

Date: Monday, February 19, 2018
Place: Forest Home Township Hall, Bellaire

At 7:30pm Chairman Randy Bishop opened the meeting with the pledge of allegience followed by the
invocation given by Jim Gurr.

Treasurer Report: Gregg Valerio, motion to approve Mike Bertram, 2nd Christian Marcus, all approved.
Secretary Report: Cherie Hogan, motion to approve Dr. Hoadley, second Gregg Valerio, all approved.

Randy and Jim Gurr gave clarification on the 1st District’s early endorsements of Republican candidates
running for various positions in the primary.  Jim verified that despite his warning that the primaries
should be allowed to play out.  However, Bill Schuette, candidate for governor and Tom Leonard, candidate
for attorney general, BOTH received early endorsements from the 1st CD Executive Committee via a roll coll vote conducted by a conference call led by 1st District Chair Jesse Osmer.

Discussion revolved around the time and money being invested by the various candidates running for positions and the push by the establishment to predetermine winners and losers without input from delegates and the public.

Regarding the first ever Antrim County Republican Party’s 2018 Governor’s Dinner/Debate, Thursday, June 28th at Shanty Creek.

Randy joked that Carter Bundy, Bill Schuette’s campaign manager, will be sent four cardboard cut-outs of Bill Schuette’s to pick from for the ACRP to use in front of the empty chair that will be placed on the debate stage should Mr. Schuette choose not to attend this event. It should be noted that John Haggard, Charlevoix County campaign manager for Bill Schuette has already purchased two (2) $100 tickets for the event.

Guest Speaker – Bob Cooney, proscecuting attorney for Grand Traverse County is running for 86th District Court Judge and gave his history, why he is running, and answered many questions from the audience about how the system works, it’s shortcomings and his ideas on how to correct some of the problems.

There was a long discussion on debate format for the June debate. Randy tapped Dawn Lavanway, Tom Stillings, Greg MacMaster so far for the committee. Topics suggested were car insurance rates, electric rates, state income tax, education inequality, health care, roads.

Jack Bodis from Creative Characters in Central Lake will print the program for the event. Randy explained the paid sponsorships (red,white,blue) in the brochure. Brad Brown donated $100 to help with the cost of the flyers.

Motion by Christian Marcus, second by Jim Gurr not to give free tickets and a $500 ad to each candidate that participates, however during discussion Mike Bertam amended the motion to give each candidate two (2) free VIP’s tickets but not the accompanying $500 ad.

Motion passed with Randy voting NO.

Randy set up three committees;
Mike Bertram agreed to be the ‘Events Coordinator’ for our event.
Patty Niepoth was designated ‘Get Out The Vote’ (GOTV) Chair in abstentia (Jim Gurr volunteered to help).
Cherie Hogan is ACRP Membership Chair.

Precinct delegate forms are due by 4pm – May 8th, 2018.

Monday, February 26, there is a Governors townhall forum at Streeters in Traverse City.

Randy gave a brief synopsis about the Cheboygan Tars group and Elk Rapids student, Nicolas Wilcox, is the new face of the Antrim County Tars group. Facebook page is already set up by Randy.

Motion to adjourn was made by Steve Grill, second Donna Grill. Meeting ended at 9:07 pm.

Respectfully submitted by;

Cherie Hogan – ACRP Secretary

ACRP Monthly Meeting Minutes – January, 2018

Date: Monday, January 15, 2018
Place: Forest Area Township Hall, Bellaire, Michigan

7:37pm meeting called to order by Randy Bishop followed by Pledge of Allegiance.
Opening Prayer led by Jim Gurr.

Treasurer Report: Gregg Valerio, motion to approve Barb Bradford, 2nd Rob Bargy, all approved.

Secretary Report: Cherie Hogan, motion to approve Sherry Combden, 2nd Rob Bargy, all approved.

Chairman’s Report: Randy Bishop;

For the U.S Senate Seat Bob Young is out, down to John James, Sandy Pensler, and Bob Carr.
Both Pensler and Young have changed their views to Pro-Life and Pensler has put 5 million into
his own campaign. Debbie Stabenow now has 9.9 million in her war chest.

Vice Chairman – Jim Gurr reported on a telephone conference call involving the 1st District Committee request that the Districts blanket endorse candidates early on in the process. Jim objected to this and the vote eventually was overwhelming NOT to endorse early all of the incumbent Republicans, but to endorse Tom Leonard for Attorney General and Bill Schuette for Governor, BOTH of which are running in open primaries against other Republican candidates.

There was a long discussion on car insurance rates and the strategy by some Republicans who are using
the issue to support Tonya Schuitmaker, who is also running for Attorney General.

Randy has done a lot of work putting together ACRP’s first ever Governor’s Debate scheduled for
Thursday June 28, 2018 at Shanty Creek in Bellaire. So far, candidates Senator Patrick Colbeck, Lt
Governor Brian Calley and Dr. Jim Hines have confirmed. Still waiting on Attorney General Bill Schuette but
Tom Stillings will talk to Schuette.

The room at Shanty Creek holds 200 with the capability of expanding to 800. The VIP reception will start at 5pm and will cost $100 per ticket. Dinner/Debate tickets ONLY, will be $60 per person.

There will be a choice between three entrees. A straw pole will be taken after the debate.
Randy has set the entire event up through Eventbrite ( where tickets purchased early will allow us to get advances on our money that we will use to promote this event.

Eventbrite will charge a $7 fee per $100 ticket and $5 fee per $60 ticket. Dinner Entree choices (Chicken Cordon Bleu, Great Lakes Whitefish or Northern Michigan Flank Steak) will be made through Eventbrite at time of your ticket purchase.

Last date to buy tickets will be Thursday June 14th. We will need to work hard to make this a successful event. Shanty Creek will only charge us for tickets sold.

Great job, Randy! An interesting sidenote here; Randy contacted Steve Bannon who wanted $20,000 and Vice President Mike Pence could not come because of no Homeland Security in Antrim County.

Randy is looking for a committee to help with this event as well as a Chairperson for GET OUT THE VOTE. The Democrats are challenging every single Republican County Commissioner in 2018.

-Jack Bergman is kicking off his campaign January 26 in Gaylord and January 27 in Traverse City.
-State of the Union Day Party at Streeters, Tuesday January 30, 6pm $10 per person.
-Discussion on how to increase membership. Greg MacMaster suggested putting together a card offering discounts from local merchants to create incentives to join the ACRP.
-Reminder to turn in your Precinct Delegate forms
-Next meeting date is Monday February 19th, same place, same time.

-Motion to adjourn made by Tom Stillings, second by Kim MacMaster, all approved, adjorned at 9:04 pm.

Cherie Hogan – Secretary
Antrim County Republican Party

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