ACRP – November 2017 Monthly Meeting – MINUTES

 Meeting of the Antrim County Republican Party on Monday, November 20th, 2017 at Forest Home Township Hall called to order at 7:35 pm by Chairman Randy Bishop who opened the meeting with pledge and invocation. Randy announced this was to be the last meeting of the year.

Treasurer Report given by Gregg Valerio. ACRP has 17 family and 36 single memberships for a total of 53. Motion to accept by Sherry Combden, 2nd Brenda Rickgers, all approved.

Secretary report given by Cherie Hogan. Motion to accept by Bob Rickgers, 2nd Barb Bradford, all approved.

Randy reported the following;

Sandy Pensler announced for U.S. Senate joining John James, Bob Young, and Bob Carr. Brief history on Pensler who is a successful businessman, 61, two children, slogan ‘Make Michigan First’, turnaround advisor, for deregulation, against unfair trade, pro charter school and believes in making public schools more competitive, and pro reforming entitlements. He is PRO-ABORTION. Website is

Fred Upton is out.

Lt Governor Calley to announce for Governor, soon.

Much discussion on our upcoming fundraiser for 2018. Randy will look for facilities to hold 200 and will be inviting Republicans from the surrounding counties. Names considered; Steve Bannon, Sean Hannity, Mike Pence. Ag-A-Ming is out as their new facility will not be built due to money being redirected to the Charlevoix Country Club which they purchased.

Much discussion about how to increase membership in the ACRP.. If we could get 1% of the population of the county we would have 230 members. If we can get a big name for our June fundraiser free memberships could be used as an incentive to both increase membership and encourage attendance at the event.

Michigan Fair Tax Association has endorsed Senator – Patrick Colbeck for Governor. Colbeck has identified over a billion in waste in Michigan government. Discussion of bringing Ron Babin to speak. Ted Cruz to endorse Colbeck November 21st.

Congressman Jack Bergman doing well. Not being primary challenged.

Debbie Stabenow has $7.5 million in her war chest.

Discussion on dues-decision was made to leave them the same.

Next meeting Monday, January 15th same time same location. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Motion from Jim Gurr, 2nd Gregg Valerio to adjorn at 8:45pm

Respectfully submitted,
Cherie Hogan


Michigan FairTax Association endorses Patrick Colbeck’s tax policy for Governor in 2018!!!

Click on the link below to see the press release from the Michigan FairTax Association, endorsing Patrick Colbeck’s tax policy for Governor in 2018 based on his principled solutions to eliminate Michigan’s State Income Tax, which also taxes our Senior’s pensions;

MIFTA Endorsement of Patrick Colbeck for Governor 11-20-17


October, 2017 – Minutes to ACRP Monthly Meeting

October’s 2017 ACRP Monthly Meeting;

Monday,  October 23rd, 2017  at the Kearney Township Hall.  Meeting called to order by Chairman Randy Bishop at 7:06 pm. Pledge led by Chairman, invocation by Pastor Jerry from Eastport Baptist Church.

Treasurer report read by Gregg Valerio, motion to approve by Brenda Ricksgers, 2nd by Barb Bradford, all approved.

Secretary report read by Cheri Hogan, motion to approve by Brian Smith, second by Christian Marcus, all approved.

Chairman Randy Bishop gave a brief summary of several ballot initiatives orchestrated by Democrats with the intent of driving their base to the polls in 2018, i.e., shut down of Enbridge pipeline, minimum wage hikes, redistricting by citizens not elected officials, to name a few to be aware of.  Also, repealing prevailing wage will be on the ballot by Fiscal Conservatives.  Discussion followed each one.

Randy explained to the audience several candidates either running for office or considering running are;  Senator Pat Colbeck and Bill Shuette (Calley has yet to announce) running for governor, challengers to Debbie Stabenow include businessman and former veteran John James and former Michigan Supreme Court Judge Bob Young, Fred Upton a possibility and Randy stated that Kid Rock is not going to run.

Randy introduced Professor William Wagner from Salt and Light Global and Great Lakes Justice Center, who spoke for over an hour to those in attendance about many examples of how the activist judges on the United States Supreme Court (and now other activist judges in the lower courts) have invented and inserted the fake ‘right’ of personal identity/privacy/autonomy and inserted it into their interpretation of the Constitution…a ‘right’ that our Founding Fathers never had in mind.

Professor Wagner also explained that each branch of our government, must get it’s “Power” source from our U.S. Constitution.  If there is no provision for such power contained in our Constitution, then they can NOT carry out that particular activity.

The ACRP provided Apple Cider, Coffee and donuts,….Barb Bradford and Joan Brown made homemade sweets to share with everyone.  Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Submitted by,
Cherie Hogan – ACRP Secretary

ACRP – September’s Monthly Meeting Minutes

Meeting at Forest Home Township Hall called to order by Chairman Randy Bishop at 7:30 pm.  
Pledge of allegiance led by Randy followed by invocation by Jim Gurr.
Treasurer’s report given by Gregg Valerio. Motion by Mike Bertrum 2nd by Gerald Averill all approved to accept the Treasurer’s report.
Secretary report given by Cherie Hogan. Motion by Steve Hoadley, 2nd by Barb Bradford to accept the minutes as read. All approved.

Randy announced the that John James is now officially IN the race for the U.S. Senate, now held by Debbie Stabenow.  Retired Michigan Supreme Court Justice Bob Young is also running for Stabenow’s seat. The ‘incandescent bulb guy’, Fred Upton, who’s a progressive from the 6th district may also run.

Lena Epstein is now going to run for Dave Trott’s open seat in the 11th Congressional District race.

Jack Bergman is running unopposed but is facing a challenge from the Dems in the person of an Iraqi war veteran. Meanwhile Jack is seeking advice and suggestions for next year’s campaign via a special meeting with the grassroots.

The straw poll of 700 participants at the Republican Leadership Conference on Mackinaw Island had the following results;
-Bill Schuette with 56%, Brian Calley (not announced yet) with 23%, Pat Colbeck with 18%, & Jim Hines at 2%.
-US Senate results showed Bob Young at 36%, John James at 27%, Fred Upton 24%, Kid Rock 11%, Sandy Pensler and former Democrat turned Republican Bob Carr at 1%.
-Attorney General polling showed Tom Leonard at 64% and Tonya Schuitmaker at 33%.
-Sec of State showed Stan Grot at 48%, Mary Treder Lang at 21%.
-Lieutenant Governor showed Schuitmaker at 23% and Laura Cox at 20%.

Ballot proposal results:
-Calley’s part time legislature 51% yes, 49% no.
-Legalize Marijuana 32% yes, 68% no
-Repealing prevailing wage 72% yes, 28% no
-Redistricting by voters and paid sick leave for employees both were rejected
-Raise the minimum wage $12 an hour rejected by 85%

-Shutdown Enbridge Pipeline 5 rejected by 78%.

Randy says utility rates will rise by 50-100% should the pipeline close and the environmentalists will use this ballot wording as a model to force referendums in other states with pipelines to close them down as well.

Other Conference Highlights;
-A short video was shown of the Donald Trump impersonator
-Jason Chaffetz talked about his story and how his political career started when he requested a political sign to stick in his yard.
-Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin talked about how Kentucky flipped from 64 Dems and 46 Republicans to the exact opposite so far under his term and that he signed seven bills into law the first week he was governor and he did it on a Saturday. Challenged Michigan to get it’s act together or Kentucky ‘will eat our lunch’.


Randy spoke about the availability of Shanty Creek on June 22/23, 2018 for a fundraiser with a prominent guest speaker. Also, Democrats intend to primary every single Republican in 2018 from school boards on up.

Discussion followed of the very negative Democrat conventions and training sessions (resist and obstruct) vs the positive message from Republicans at their conventions. Jim Gurr reminded everybody that the work has just begun.

Long discussion on having Prof. William Wagner of Salt & Light Global Initiative as guest speaker for the October meeting which has been moved to Monday, October 23rd (motion by Mike Bertram, 2nd by Barb Bradford, all approved) to accommodate some members who have other commitments. Suggestions made to invite other County parties, judges, etc., to attend and move the venue to Kearney Township Hall which can seat up to 100 people.

Motion by Gerald Averill and 2nd by Mike Bertram followed by unanimous support to adjourn at 9:10pm

Respectfully submitted,

Cherie Hogan

August ACRP Meeting – Minutes

ACRP August 21st, 2017 Monthly Meeting;  7:35 pm. meeting called to order by Chairman Randy Bishop followed by pledge and invocation.

Randy introduced Monika Fiebing, Benzonia County Republican Party Chairwoman who invited us to their annual picnic in Benzonia this Saturday from 4-6. Ray Franz will be there and possibly Bruce Rendon as guests.

Treasurer Report was given by Gregg Valerio. The golf outing did make a profit and Randy is working on getting the tent deposit back.

2017 paid Memberships are 14 family and 17 individual. The mailing to all Republican elected officials inviting them to the golf outing and inviting them to join our party resulted in 3 responses. Comments were that most elected Republicans in Antrim County generally run unopposed and don’t feel the need to join. Monika Fiebing commented that it’s the same in Benzonia County. Discussion followed about the best way to increase membership in the ACRP with responses running from negative pressure to positive actions. If each of us recruited one new member we would double in size.

Treasurer Report; Motion made by Kim McMaster and second by Vicki Bishop all approved to accept the treasurer report.

Secretary Report was given by reading the minutes from the June meeting; Motion was made by Barb Bradford and second by Kim McMaster, all approved to accept the minutes as read.

Chairman Report;  Randy reported that nothing had changed since June on who will be running for various offices and seats throughout Michigan in the 2018 election however the progressive left is using various ballot initiatives to drive Democrats to the polls including legalizing pot, Elliott Larsen LGBTQ Civil Rights, Enbridge Line 5. A short, but very impressive video of John James, who is exploring a run against Debbie Stabenow was shown.

Bi-annual Michigan Republican Party’s Leadership Conference is Sept 22-24 on Mackinaw Island. Cherie Hogan has been nominated by Randy Bishop for work done during the last election. Randy had his press credentials revoked by Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party Ron Weiser and Sarah Anderson for broadcasting the names of the 17 Republicans who are refusing to support the bill changing the insurance laws that would reduce auto rates for Michigan drivers. Randy has also done commercials for DTS naming these same Republicans who, apparently are listening more to the insurance lobby than their own constituents. Speaker of the House Tom Leonard favors the legislation and is planning on running for Attorney General in the future. 47 House Democrats oppose the legislation but Detroit Mayor Duggan is in favor as it is estimated that 50% of all Detroit drivers are uninsured. We must put more pressure on these Republicans to get this legislation passed. Randy asked the members in attendance if there was support for the legislature to pass insurance reforms that would lower our automobile rates by 50% and there was unanimous support.

Motion made by Barb Bradford, second by Dr. Richard Hoadley, all supported to pay Randy, Gregg, Cherie ticket to the Bi-annual Michigan Republican Party’s Leadership Conference. Randy will check to see which account to use from ACRP.

Much discussion about the golf outing and next year’s fundraiser. All agreed that June 22nd-23rd looked good and would not interfere with graduation, Father’s Day, or the Cherry festival. Randy will try to get someone like Allen West or Vice President Mike Pence. He will check on the cost of the Matterhorn Room at shanty Creek. Emmet County Republican Party made $5000 net profit after having Allen West as guest speaker this past Spring.

John Forest, Field Director for Northern Michigan 1st District was put on speaker phone and discussed future plans involving volunteer recruitment, data usage and resources, growing the Party, and his role in the position. He is currently helping with elections in Marquette but moving to Traverse City shortly. There will be several upcoming Data Center Basic Training webinars. Contact 517-282-7212 or RSVP Tony Zammit at

The 7th Annual Constitution Celebration hosted by Heather Cerone will be Saturday, September 16 from 4-9:30pm at the Great Wolf Lodge. It is $35 per person. Several great speakers are already lined up for this event including Jack Bergman, Professor William Wagner from the Great Lakes Justice Center/Salt & Light Global Initiative and Former Michigan State Supreme Court Chief Justice – Robert Young Jr. Contact Heather at 231-632-6624.

Tom Backers from Drain the Swamp stated that supporting DTS was a way to bypass the editors of newspapers who either edit or refuse to print letters from Conservatives. DTS uses radio advertising and is able to reach a sizeable audience from Port Huron north. DTS holds every elected official accountable for their actions regardless of party.

Motion to adjourn made by Vicki Bishop, second by Rob Bargy, all support and dismissed by 9:25pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Cherie Hogan, Secretary

ACRP – Minutes for June 19th, 2017 Monthly Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:42 pm by Randy Bishop at Elk Rapids location. Eleven in attendance. Fourteen in attendance at Forest Home Township Hall. (Kim MacMaster absent)

Pledge of Allegiance.

Invocation by Christian Marcus.

Treasurer Report: Gregg Valerio, all approved

Secretary Report read by Randy Bishop, all approved

Chairman Report:

Jim Hines – Doctor from Saginaw running for Governor

State Senator – Patrick Colbeck petitions to sign to get him on the ballot as he is running for Governor.
AG – Bill Schuette and Lt. Gov. – Brian Calley have not announced yet.

Lena Epstein (Co-C hair of the Trump campaign in Michigan) and Robert Young (former Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court) running for Senate against Debbie Stabenow.

There are a number of ballot proposals. 1st ballot proposal is to repeal the prevailing wage law (repeals public act 166 of 1965 which forces contractors to pay union scale to their workers). Repeal would allow competition bidding and save taxpayers dollars.

Other proposals; LGBT looking to extend Elliot-Larsen expanding their ‘special rights’ status, wolf hunting in U.P., equality question fair pay for women, $15.00 minimum wage, and a proposal (introduced by Brian Calley) for a part-time legislature which would require legislators to spend 90 days in Lansing, then the rest of their time in their home district, cut their pay in half and eliminate lame duck sessions and lobbyist access. Randy says some of these the Democrats are using to get out their base in the next election.

Golf Outing- get flyers out, try to recruit golfers and members, dinners are coming in slowly. Keynote speaker is Tom Leonard and his legislative agenda for 2017.

There have been two responses from our membership flyer effort. Very disappointing.

There were some questions about clarification on red/white/blue sponsors on the flyer.

Discussion on writing rebuttal letters to the editors of the local newspapers when Democrats attack Congressman Bergman or other elected Republicans. Randy read the snowflake letter from the Elk Rapids press. Both Tom Stillings and Tom Backers wrote rebuttals to the paper but the editor did not print so Maryanne Jorgenson is going to reach out to the editor to see if we can get our letters printed. The Bellaire Review does print our rebuttals. Randy is encouraging everyone to get involved and stay involved.

Due to the golf outing in July the next ACRP meeting will be on Monday, August 21st at the Forest Home Township Hall.

Note; this meeting was conducted at two different locations but internet connection was faulty and we had to use a cell phone.

Motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:40 by Tom Stillings, second by Vicky Bishop. All approved.

Respectfully submitted by Cherie Hogan, Secretary

Saturday, July 15th, 2017; 5th Annual ACRP “Golf/Fun Day”!!!

Beautiful weather, great golf and food, with elected officials who have confirmed will be speaking;

Senator – Patrick Colbeck (2018 Michigan Governor candidate) & Keynote Address;
Michigan’s Speaker of the House – Tom Leonard;

5th-Annual-2017 ACRP-Golf Fun-Day-Registration Form

Click on the above Link for all the details and to RSVP as soon as possible, Thanks!!!

The Chief Golf Course – Across from Shanty Creek, Bellaire, Michigan



Col. Allen West comes to Northern Michigan!!!

Emmet County Republican Party is having it’s 15th Annual Fund-Raiser this Thursday, June 22, 2017 at Nub’s Nob with their special Keynote Speaker – Col. Allen West.,…which is their only fundraising event of the year.

Click on this link to printout their RSVP form, to fill out and mail in with a check;

ACRP Minutes – Monthly Meeting May 15, 2017

Meeting at Forest Home Township Hall opened at 7:30 pm  by Chairman Randy Bishop

Pledge of Allegiance then Invocation by Jim Gurr.

Absent; Kim McMaster.

Treasurer Report: Gregg Valerio, all approved

Secretary Report: Randy Bishop, all approved

Chairman Report; Randy Bishop

– Legislative reports will now be on Triston’s website.

-Both school millages (Elk Rapids and East Jordan) on the ballot in Antrim County passed.

-Randy to get information for county fair and parade dates and talk to Triston about using Triston’s wagon in the parades. Triston to supply pocket constitutions.

-Congressman Jack Bergman is working on prioritizing the Poe Locks (Sault Ste. Marie) and has moved it up to #25 on President Trump’s infrastructure spending list.

-ACRP Annual Golf Outing is Saturday, July 15th at The Chief Golf Resort in Bellaire (across from Shanty Creek). Randy has committed to 60 people for dinner and 10 sets of four golfers. Randy has secured Speaker of the House Tom Leonard as the Keynote Speaker.

New Business:

-Bill & Priscilla Miller have sold their home in Alden and will be moving downstate. Priscilla resigned as secretary and both she and Bill will be greatly missed. Randy announced that Cherie Hogan would run for secretary and asked for other nominations from the floor.
Priscilla Miller nominated Cherie Hogan and Bill Miller seconded. All approved.

-Randy We need volunteers to get out and secure gifts for the outing. Randy is expecting Brian Calley and Dr. Hines, who is running for governor, to speak at the outing. We need everyone to work on this to make it a success.

– Antrim County Republican Women have dissolved and are donating the balance of their funds to the ACRP Corporate Account.  Thank You Kim MacMaster & Vicki Bishop!!!

– Randy mentioned the membership drive. Antrim County Clerk – Sheryl Guy getting Randy the list of Antrim County elected officials.

– State Senator – Patrick Colbeck will run for Governor.  Former Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice – Bob Young possibly running against Stabenow.

– Jim Gurr mentioned that the Democrats are mad and will be running lots of people against our candidates in 2018 but at least will keep them from crossing over and voting for our weaker candidates in the primaries.

-Randy showed short video called ‘Modern Educayshun’ which every conservative should view. Now is not the time to be complacent. We are fighting for our country!

-Randy says, nationally, that the Democrats may try to stall President Trump’s replacement for FBI Director at least six months and obstruct until 2018 elections.

-Long discussion on the Jack Bergman Town Hall, staying positive, attending town halls and writing letters to the newspaper whenever possible expressing our support of our elected officials.

-Next ACRP meeting date is Monday, June 19th at 7:30 at Forest Home Township Hall.
Motion made by Sherry Comben, second by Carla Bart to adjourn at 8:30pm.

Respectfully submitted by;

Cherie Hogan, Secretary


Antrim County Republican Party Meeting Minutes – Monday, April 17, 2017

Meeting convened at 7:35p.m. in the Forest Home Twp. Hall

Randy Bishop: Pledge:  Brenda Ricksgers: Invocation

Greg Valerio: Treasurer’s Report: Corporate Acct. $2.39  Expenses: $3.00 service fee.($250. transfer from State Acct.) Expenses: AA Computing Solutions $132.50, PC Matic $49.99. $3.00 service fee. Ending Balance: $67.51

State Acct. $921.21 Deposits were: $29.17(30. -.83 cc fee) , $120. Expenses $212. for Laptop.  $250.Transferred to Corp Acct. Ending Balance:   $587.38

Secretary’s Report: Priscilla Miller: Meeting minutes for 3/20/17 (Jim Gurr found a “typo” Randy will correct.) Rob Barge: motion to approve. 2nd: Kim MacMaster. Donna Grill had a problem pulling up meeting minutes on line. (Randy will fix it.)

Chairmans Report:  We have eight family memberships and ten singles.

Rally in T.C. at post office on Union St. tomorrow at noon, in protest of state legislature not passing the reduction of the state income tax.  Organized by MI Conservative Coalition.

State Rep. Triston Cole will meet with constituents on Friday, April 21st 11: am – 12:pm at Northern Bear Country Store in Mancelona: at TJ Charlies in Elk Rapids from 1:00 -2:p.m. (Soros is funding protestors who attend these events, furnishing  gas cards and paying $15. an hour to do it.)

Congressman Jack Bergman will hold a town hall on Thursday, April 20th. from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. at Ellison Pl. in Gaylord. Important we show up early at these events to show our support. (No signs are allowed inside.) The Democrats (Indivisible Group)  will be trying to disrupt these events. Media will be there, looking for anything that could embarrass the Congressman.

Antrim County 911 Milage renewal vote on May 2nd. Elk Rapids has a school millage vote.

Need to get dates for parades and events that ACRP can participate in. Will check with Mike Bertram regarding Antrim Co. Fair.

Golf Outing is Saturday, July 15th. at the Chief Golf Course. Randy had to commit to sixty B.B.Q.dinners and ten golf foursomes. More info on what politicians will be the attending the event at our next meeting.

Per Cheryl Guy, Stacy Cole will stay a Custer Twp. Precinct Delegate. (A special election would be required to correct the error).

Jim Gurr:  Import to write letters to the editor, in support of Congressman Bergman.

The bill to build a 2nd Soo Locks was passed in 1978 (the POE Lock)  Funds were never appropriated! If the existing Locks were to shut down for any reason, the entire U.S. economy would come to a standstill. It’s a National Security Issue, a jobs issue and a trade issue. Congressman Bergman supports President Trump having construction of the lock on his  one trillion dollar infrastructure list. It will be a “super lock” able to handle thousand foot freighters.

Cheri Hogan had a question on the Jordan River tubes. Discussion followed.

Rob. Barge: Motion to adjourn 2nd Steve Grill. Adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

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